Every athlete knows the value a good coach can bring to helping them improve their game and every one of us is playing the most important game there is – life!  Typically we spend the first half of our lives engaged in the struggle for material success. The second half of life begins when we have gained some success and are surprised to discover that our accomplishments do not give us the feeling of happiness we expected. If you’ve achieved some success in life but find yourself feeling stuck, angry, disappointed, frustrated or otherwise unhappy, a good Second Half of Life Coach could be invaluable to finding happiness.

I bring over 60 years of life experience to my Coaching practice. I am a retired military officer and have been an airline pilot for over 30 years. I’ve been married over 40 years, have two adult children and have survived the challenges of serious injury, cancer and parental suicide. I have a graduate degree in Counseling and have worked with a wide variety of issues but I choose to engage with people as a Coach, not as a therapist. To return to the athletic metaphor, when an athlete is injured or sick, they go to a doctor or physical therapist. Likewise, when a person is mentally ill they need to see a doctor or psychotherapist. As a Coach, I work with people who are mentally healthy but want to improve their life skills. If I believe someone I’m working with is mentally ill, I refer them to an appropriate professional.

As your coach, my commitment to you is clear, experienced support in finding your unique path to personal fulfillment and lasting happiness.

Coaching sessions are 90 minutes in length and the initial session is free. The cost of regular sessions varies because I am willing to give consideration for financial hardship.