Happiness takes practice.

Love, happiness, expressing my joy of being alive, these are the reasons for this website. It is part of my travelogue, my love song of reverence and gratitude to the cosmos.

My first public offering was my book “Intentional Happiness” which you can read about on another page. This offering is about curiosity and discovery. It is more about questions than answers because, I believe, the most important questions that we can ask have no definite answers. These are the “meaning of life” questions like: why are alive?

These are the questions that poets and philosophers have pondered through the ages. What the academics seem to miss is that every human being is a poet and a philosopher. Every human life is a poem that expresses the philosophy of its author. Many life poems have been “written” unconsciously but humanity is, like the cosmos I think, evolving to a greater level of conscious awareness.

Evolution and greater conscious awareness are not happening easily, the outcome is uncertain and, like nature herself, uncontrollable. Our innate fear of uncertainty and being out of control underlie the conflicts we are observing, creating and participating in throughout the world. Will humanity survive its own adolescence or self-destruct? I believe it depends on whether enough of us consciously choose the path of love over the path of fear.

How can we learn to live out of love rather than fear? I have found some of my best “answers” in paradox, for which poetry can be an effective vehicle. It is my hope that you will find something here that will help you with your journey.

May you find the peace, love and joy of being alive that are within you,

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