Happiness takes practice.

Eric MosleyHappiness is the art of being internally grounded in peace and serenity no matter what is happening externally.

Happiness is complicated because the skills needed are contradictory to our cultural conditioning. Our culture promotes materialism as the path to happiness but that is misguided because materialism is an external affair while happiness is an internal affair. However, rejecting the material world is not the path to happiness either because rejection is a form of attachment.

Being happy is about living in the world as it is but not as most do. This makes perfect sense because changing the world is beyond our individual power but changing ourselves is not. Still, to change in the face of our culture is not easy. It takes education and practice. That last sentence is short but vitally important. To change requires education (i.e. new ways of thinking) and practice (i.e. new ways of being).

To help you learn and master the skills of happiness I wrote “Intentional Happiness: Your Guide To A Happier Life” to explain the fundamental principles of happiness and how to put them into action. I also give one-on-one Life Coaching sessions. Take a look at the pages on this site and contact me if you would like more information.

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